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Tech!No!Bowl League

How to Join and Benefits

The League cost is $20 to Join and will include learning the game and one practice game a week during League (can bring someone in with you or can practice against the owner). Also will include a 10% off all purchases on nights you play.


Prizes will be cash for top two finishers if we have more than 8 participating we will increase that to top 4.

League Rules

  • The Regular season will consist of 4-6 games

  • Playoffs will be single elimination with the highest finisher in the regular season playing the lowest finisher(Tties being broken by point differential)

  • Regular season games will be played within 3 weeks but scheduled on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

  • Playoffs will be a week long with multiple games happening in a day if needed

  • A no-show counts as an automatic loss, with two getting permanently eliminated from the League.

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